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Reading some radar detector reviews will help make a difference between different brands and models, and it will allow you to choose the product that is best for your needs. Furthermore, understanding the main characteristics of a device will help you determine if it can suit your expectations. Depending on your budget and possibilities, you can choose between radar detectors that come with all the bells and whistles that you want, or you can select a detector that only comes with essential features that will help you stay away from traffic police officers. According to professional reviews featured on, here is a top 3 best radar detectors.

The Escort Passport Max2

Unlike other models on the market, the Escort Passport Max2 can offer you real-time notifications of speed traps, speed limits, red-light cameras and speed cameras. However, it comes with a higher price, as you will have top pay $586.58 for it. This device features an advanced technology that doesn’t just keep you away from costly traffic fines, but it also helps you drive safe. The Escort Passport Max2 comes with an over-speed alert that activates every time you let your foot down on the gas pedal more than you should. Moreover, besides the built-in GPS system and the auto-learn function that eliminates false alerts, this radar detector features a Defender Database, which includes a significant number of speed cameras, red-light cameras, and speed trap locations. Therefore, if you are heading towards one of these preloaded threats, you will be notified in advance with an alert that informs you about the distance to the location, so that you can reduce speed accordingly.

The Cobra SPX 7800BT

The Cobra SPX 7800BT costs about $180.72, and although it comes with an affordable price, it features a Bluetooth interactivity with your smartphone, so it can be seen as a smart purchase by those who want to stay safe from traffic police officers without spending a small fortune on a radar detector. One of the most impressive features of this device is its 15-band detection, as most radar detectors can only detect signals emitted by the K-band, Ka-band, and the X-band. Furthermore, since it can connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone, the Cobra SPX 7800BT allows you to use the Cobra iRadar app, which has an extensive network of users who share information about threat locations in real time.

The Whistler CR90

With the benefits of a GPS system, the Whistler CR90 can offer the ultimate radar and laser detection, because it offers protection against threats like speed cameras, red-light cameras, and speed traps. These threats can be located only with the help of the GPS because they don’t emit a signal that can be detected in any other way. Furthermore, this radar detector features voice alerts, which are very important when it comes to staying informed while keeping your eyes on the road, and it has the capacity to block false alerts very effectively. The only disappointment in this device is its lack of a community threat sharing, which would have allowed you to receive threats from other users in real time. Since the Whistler CR90 can’t connect through Bluetooth with your smartphone, it doesn’t allow you to share alerts with other users, so you are on your own. Still, since it costs only $165.99, its price makes up for that.

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