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Quickoffice was acquired by Google in 2012, and recently the app became available for Android users. Quickoffice for Android is a capable mobile office application with a surprisingly good design. Moreover, it has support for PowerPoint documents and offers fast editing for all Office documents. According to the new technology news, current Business users can update their app to the new version and receive many new features, such as creating ZIP folder.


It’s easy to setup Quickoffice for Android, just download the app, open it and choose a Google Account to work with. However, new technology news reveals the fact that there is no support for other services such as SkyDive, Dropbox or Sugarsync.


Quickoffice’s screen is split between your device’s storage and Google Drive. This messy view is made better by a search bar located at the top. However, you can only search for the tile of the files, not the content on your device and drive. Quickoffice for Android uses a clean icon-based navigation with all the text-related options gathered in a single drop down menu. Sometimes specific features like cell formatting will be presented across the top or added to the main drop-down. The checkerboard icon brings up a menu of up to six open documents, so users can easily move images or text.

Creating Documents

Quickoffice for Android focuses more on creating documents than editing them. Although there is no support for adding comments or tracking changes, users can easily add some images, text or something they have in a Word document. It does not support Google Drive’s comment system. Excel document are easily handled and thanks to a special search option you can quickly find functions. Cells can be added by tap and drag and there are many formatting options such as the ability to freeze columns and rows from scrolling. Quickoffice for Android allows you to select by highlighting a cell or group of cells and tapping the green ball, thus saving you a lot of time.

PowerPoint support

Even if most Office apps don’t perform well when it comes to PowerPoint support, Quickoffice creates and edits these documents with ease. Adding, rotating and resizing pictures is a piece of cake and it also supports some pre-loaded shapes and text boxes. However, the app does not support transitions. Slides can be edited by tapping and dragging and you can ass a new slide just by tapping a large plus button. There are 12 formats for the slides and you can even duplicate and existing slide. Users can also create a basic slideshow with a presentation mode. Quickoffice for Android allows you to view, but not create a PDF document.

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