Most efficient laundry gadgets and appliances

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Technology enthusiasts don’t settle for less and want to enjoy the most advanced technologies in any gadget and appliance they use at home. Since laundry is not something many people yearn to perform, the best brands have come up with the best units that make laundry day a breeze. Discover below which are the most efficient laundry gadgets and appliances designed to ease your work and offer great results.

Smart ThinQ Washer

You couldn’t imagine washing your laundry without the effective washing machine that takes away the hassle of cleaning your clothes. The LG Smart ThinQ washer brings the comfort and convenience of a washing machine to a whole new level due to the high-tech features it’s packed with. The ColdWash technology, for example, promises to offer you the performance of washing in warm water at the lower cost of washing in cold water. Also, the WaveForce cycle combines the powerful water jets with the fast drum movements for the cleanest clothes. This washing machine comes with smartphone controls that allow you to download custom wash cycles that will help you remove any type of stain.

Smart ThinQ Clothes Dryer

To offer you complete laundry services and the best results, LG offers the matching Smart ThinQ clothes dryer that will complete your laundry chores. It’s also a smartphone controllable appliance packed with smart technologies and features designed to ease your household chores. While this technology doesn’t allow you to actually control the dryer, it enables you to keep an eye on its status and detect any potential problem that might appear. You can choose from steam options that remove bad odors and wrinkles from clothes and there are 14 cycles designed to meet all your clothes drying needs. Both appliances come in a sleek silver design and are enhanced with touch controls that make them very easy to operate.

Rowenta IS9200 Precision Valet Clothes Steamer

To complete your laundry chores, an efficient clothes steamer is all you need. There are many units to choose from which is why we had to read numerous steamer reviews in order to decide on the best one. The Rowenta IS9200 Precision Valet seems to be the most convenient choice. The high-temperature steam will come out n less than 60 seconds and thanks to the wide steaming head, you will manage to cover a large area. You will enjoy 2.5 hours of continuous steam due to the 1-gallon water tank so you can forget about constantly refilling the steamer.

According to most steamer reviews, this is one of the most comfortable to use steamers. Maximum comfort in use with the telescopic pole, built-in hanger and foot pedal with indicator lights. Add to that the elegant and stylish design and you can state that this is a state-of-the-art gadget.

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