Inventive cooking gadgets and appliances

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These days, the kitchen isn’t a dull room where you only find a refrigerator, and oven, and maybe an old microwave anymore, because we now have a lot of cooking gadgets and appliances that make the time spent cooking more enjoyable and sometimes, even shorter. In the following lines, we will present to you the most inventive cooking appliances and gadgets that can make your experience in the kitchen more pleasurable.

Innowave microwave

The Innowave microwave is probably the┬ábest built in microwave oven. It is a revolutionary microwave that saves a lot of space, and looks amazing in any modern kitchen. This project sprouted due to the fact that the microwave didn’t actually see any major improvement since it first appeared. The Innowave has made cooking in the microwave more efficient than ever by implementing the mode stirrer, which is a very slow rotating aluminum blade, replacing the turn-table. This feature along with many others make it the best built in microwave oven of the moment.

Revolutionary slow cooker

If you want to arrive home from work to find that your food has just finished being cooked, then you need an app-controlled slow cooker. Simply store the food in the slow cooker before you go to work, and start it up when you think it’s the appropriate time so you find the food done when you enter the kitchen. It’s a real time saver.

Herb scissors

At the small price of around $13, you can stop wasting time to chop all by yourself little pieces of herbs, which you’ll anyway cut uneven. Using the herb scissors, you will definitely save time, and have evenly sliced herbs for once. These shears will make you look like a professional chef, even if you are a novice.

Four-in-one avocado tool

Avocado has become a mandatory fruit in our diets due to the benefit it brings to our health. This tasty fruit can be pretty tricky to handle, but with the four-in-one avocado tool, everything changed. It’s a knife, spoon, fork, and masher, giving you the complete set to handle an avocado in one inventive gadget.

Electronic food scale

When you bake a cake, or any type of dessert, you need to measure with precision, and measuring cups or spoons don’t do the job properly. Using an electronic food scale, you won’t ever have problems again to put the exact amount of ingredients needed for your desert, or any other food you want to prepare. The electronic food scale is user-friendly, and it looks very good if you leave it on the kitchen counter as well.

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