Gadgets that can help you be a better golf player

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Besides perfecting your swing, finding the right club and evaluating the distance to a target, there are other elements that you need to pay attention to in order to improve your golf game. Fortunately, technology can help anyone become a better golf player, so we advise you to consider the following gadgets to boost your score. We guarantee you that once you’ll see how easy it is to improve your skills with these devices, you will love this sport even more.


GolfSense is a gadget that can be connected to both Android and iOS mobile phones, as it features a Bluetooth sensor that can easily be attached to a golf glove. Using this device allows you to swing and see what you did wrong so that you will be able to improve your posture on the next hole. Furthermore, it gives you the opportunity to see a 3D rendering of your swing, helping you notice a poor positioning, an overswing, but also temp and path problems that can negatively impact your shot. The sensor can operate from approximately 10 meters away, allowing you to track your swing’s direction and tempo, and your club’s position and speed. On the other hand, your smartphone will calculate your hip rotation, so you will be provided with all the data that you need to male better choices. The GolfSense costs $130.

Bushnell Hybrid Laser GPS

This gadget combines the functionality of a rangefinder with the effectiveness of a GPS system. Furthermore, this impressive golf rangefinder estimates the distance to the desired target within one yard of accuracy, so it is one of the most precise units that you can find on the market. Although it costs about $500, the Bushnell Hybrid Laser GPS is worth it, as it can calculate distance without getting distracted by obstructions, or cluttered backgrounds. Moreover, it includes 25,000 golf course maps, and it has the capacity to offer distance to the center, but also to the front and the back of the course, allowing you to take into consideration wind and slope variables that might affect the ball’s direction when it lands. This is the type of rangefinder that professional players use. If you feel that you don’t need all its features and that you could name do with a cheaper model, visit, where you will find good reviews of efficient yet affordable rangefinders.

Swing Perfect Club Swing Trainer

This golf gadget consists of a clip-up sensor that weighs very little and can be used for measuring your swing in real-time. The Swing Perfect Club Swing Trainer doesn’t require the use of an application to operate, so you won’t have to worry about your phone being charged to use it. Instead of connecting through Bluetooth, it uses a gyroscope tilt sensor to analyze your movement while completing your swing, and it vibrates to correct you. You can get it for about $43.77.


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