Gadgets and devices for people with disabilities

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To help people with disabilities live a normal and full-filled life, many gadgets and devices have been invented and perfected so that they will deliver assistance and support to those who can not fend for themselves. Discover bellow some intelligent and useful gadgets that can transform the lives of people who suffer from disabilities.

The mobility scooter

The worst part of suffering from a disability is to be unable to move on your own and having to depend on others to transport you from place to place. Luckily, the mobility scooter can solve this problem for most people who have problems moving on their own. A mobility scooter is a sort of vehicle that can have 3 or 4 wheels and that features a comfortable and safe seat that holds the driver and takes them everywhere, helping them fend for themselves. Even those with severe mobility issues who can hardly move their feet and hands can use the mobility scooter, as there are models that are handled by a joystick that is easy to use with only one finger. Those of you who wish to learn more about these vehicles, feel free to visit a mobility scooter review website. We recommend the, as we found their reviews to be comprehensive yet very easy to understand.

The electric car for wheelchairs

The Kenguru electric care is a real savior for people in wheelchairs who want to be independent and drive their car to run errands. Unlike other cars that require people to get off the wheelchair and fold it to fit inside, this car allows people with disabilities to get inside the car standing in their wheelchair. This community car only reaches 25 mph, but it is fast and helpful enough to go shopping or to the bank whenever an impaired person needs to.

The stair lift

The stair lift is an electrical device that helps people with disabilities go up and down the stair easily and without the risk of getting hurt. This useful device is installed on the wall or on the handrail and uses electricity to move up and down the stairs, even on curved staircases. People sit on the chair of the stair lift and those who use a wheelchair can opt for a stair lift with a platform that can easily and safely transport their walking vehicle.

The robotic arm

The robotic arm is a sophisticated and functional gadget with such precision and control that it can peel a grape with the customizable controls and modular components that make it easy for the user to handle the device, whether they require only a hand or an entire arm and shoulder.

The eye-controlled computer

The eye-controlled computers are enabling people with severe disabilities to use the computer just like anyone else by tracking the movement of their eyes and interpreting what they want it to do. The accuracy of this gadget is so good that it works even if the user is wearing glasses or is moving their head around while using the computer.

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