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Since handling data is the biggest technology buzz nowadays, this article wants to present the intricacies of this topic with some implications for future and innovation. Even though the Internet is continuously reshaping and becoming more and more powerful, people started to have a look at the opportunities that might be available in the future. Learning more about how the Internet works and how is it related to each sector of technology alone is paramount and that’s why you might want to visit DMAD and get the concepts clear in your head. Read below a series of facts about handling data in the future and create an elaborate image of how life is going to be somewhere around the year 2023.

Starting with the past…

In 2015 – with the already existent growing technology – people were able to handle marketing with just a few clicks. Companies starting to automate all of their processes using technology and their data was entirely stored on different kind of online or offline storage platforms. In 2015, the market tools available grew exponentially and they completed the entire Business Intelligence sector. Analyzing data suddenly became much easier and people started winning more time to dedicate to other activities rather than manually dealing with complicated reports and contact details.

Plus, technology helped people maintain their data clean and correct, with no human errors in it. Cloud services started being more and more popular. Large quantities of data are now handled with NoSQL or Hadoop. Businesses manage to access the huge amount of data stored in clouds in real time. In 2017, machine learning met a growth rate of 65% compared to previous years.

2018 and above

People will start to segment structured and unstructured data and unify the architectures of each sector. Data analysis and search technology will become much more accessible and responsive. Human personnel will no longer be needed in certain domains, given that artificial intelligence robots will deal with certain tasks that were previously completed by employees. Cognitive computing services will also help the population connect and interact even more.

In 2019, all existing companies will monetize data through its sale or add value. The management platforms of these companies will increase visibly, reaching a rate of 70% by the year 2020. Data traffic will grow exponentially as well, but – in the very same time – high-performance computing will be introduced to the scheme.

Predictive analysis will be the base of future enterprises and deep learning will allow computers analyze data and customers in order to generate customized marketing solutions. Machines will start choosing their options based on people’s opinion and will mass-personalize each product.

The peak: 2023

By the year 2023, augmented humanity will be introduced to the world, as well as, smart cities. During this period of time, approximately 26 cities in the entire world will be fully based on technology and mass data handling. People will also face a convergence of all the existent industries.

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