Can your home security camera be hacked

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When you install a wired or a wireless security camera system for home, you think about the safety of your family and you want to increase your home security and keep possible intruders away. Unfortunately, the security systems are not invincible and there are ways for malevolent people to hack into your security system and interfere with the signal. If you are wondering whether or not your home security system can be hacked, the following article can clear this matter.

Wireless security systems can easily be hacked by strangers

Many homeowners choose to install a wireless security camera system for home because it is easier to install due to the lack of wires and it can be positioned anywhere around the house without the need of cables spread all over. Although it may seem like a huge advantage, the lack of wires is what makes these systems very vulnerable to hackers. The wireless cameras work through the Internet, which means that a person with high software skills can break into the system and access the footage. The remote controlling feature of the wireless cameras has its drawback if the user wishes to monitor their home in real time while they are away from home. The fact that the images gathered by the wireless camera can be accessed by the owner using their mobile phone or the computer means that even an unauthorized person can control the images from a distance. To avoid strangers from hacking into your wireless security system, you must change the manufacturer’s password as soon as you use the system for the first time and continue to change it regularly.

The signal can be jammed by surrounding elements

The wireless nature of these security systems also means that the signal level can be changed and interrupted by electronic devices such as mobile phones, thick walls or floors, bad weather, close proximity to power lines, and sun spots. Burglars can even use signal jammers designed to interfere with the security cameras. This is a major safety problem if you have a home with multiple floors and the signal can’t get pass the walls, or if you live in an area where storms are common. These interferences can cause the signal to fade, resulting in poor to no signal in case the problem persists and there is not much you can do to solve the issue, except opting for a wired security system. Therefore, although the wireless security systems have many advantages, they can be easily hacked and shut off, meaning they have a low risk of data security and privacy, which makes them less effective than the wired systems.

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