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After examining the new Audi Q5, anyone can notice the remarkable improvements that manufacturers brought. Even though, after a quick comparison with the 2017 model, the exterior does not look significantly changed, you have to agree that the latest five-passenger SUV received a major facelift that involves an upgraded engine, plenty of space and more tech features. These improvements go a long way taking into consideration that the vehicle was already one of drivers’ favorites and the selling rate can easily prove this statement. Unquestionably, the luxurious compact SUV has a lot to offer including excellent driving experience, stellar handling, swift acceleration as well as multiple technological and safety.

Decisive factors for the popularity of 2018 Audi Q5

The solid steering and fluid handling boosts the confidence of any driver, especially when it comes to managing difficult and tricky terrains. If you live in a region with challenging roadways, you can find online 2018 Audi Q5 and discover more details regarding this specific topic. Dirt, snow and huge bumps do not represent a problem when you drive this type of vehicle because you can handle them with ease while beneficiating from maximum safety. Thanks to the fast powertrain, if you compare the 2018 Audi Q5 with the 2017 model, you notice a difference in terms of speed, namely the latest version is with one second faster. If you take into account that the previous model was already quite fast, this represents a big advantage for speed enthusiasts. The center stack of this luxurious SUV is user-friendly because the steering wheel contains important controls. The cabin is very comfortable and the upholstery covered in leather is remarkably soft. Moreover, both the driver and passengers can enjoy heating and ventilating options. 

 The latest Audi Q5 is technology-driven

This vehicle includes a multitude of high-tech features that any driver would most likely appreciate. These features involve push-button ignition and power lift gate, Android Auto and Bluetooth connectivity. The smart phone interface allows you to access telephone, music and navigation as well as selecting apps. Driver assistance has the mission to help you on the road when encountering traffic, moving vehicles, obstacles and potential dangers by alerting you concerning unpredictable shifts. The impressive sound system renders multidimensional and clear acoustics including 19 speakers. If you also consider LEC accent lighting and smart speaker placement, you know that you are going to enjoy an exceptional sensorial experience.  

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