Apps that are dedicated to reducing depression and anxiety

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If you are seeking for alternative treatment options for depression, you are in the right place. In fact, there are so many other ways to cope with mental health disorders out there that you’ll find it troubling to choose one that fits your needs best. People who live with severe mental health issues are afraid to ask for help. That’s why many of them prefer healing depression in holistic rehabs rather than going in a hospital or taking medication. The more comfortable the treatment scheme is, the more likely people are to try it. Technology came with an even better solution for this issue – apps. Since everyone is now spending a lot of time on their phones, scrolling down their news feeds, apps seem like the best way to keep mental health in control. Here are a few examples of apps that can reduce depression or anxiety:

7 Cups

7 Cups is one of the most helpful platforms out there for people who question their mental health. 7 Cups is a platform where specialized people offer emotional support and online therapy for people who are in need. The platform only hires trained listeners and licensed therapists to talk to the troubled ones. Among the common mental health issues that can be relieved by using 7 Cups these should be mentioned: depression, panic attacks, bullying, PTSD and many other.


Headspace is a great app for your daily dose of meditation. It is well-known that meditation gives some insight to the person who tries it. Meditation is a healthy habit that every person who struggled or still struggles with depression or other mental health issues should include it into their daily routines. Headspace can help them do that. Headspace offers a variety of tools to reduce stress, improve focus and productivity. Centers like the Holistic Sanctuary encourage using meditation as a main tool in curing depression, addiction or other disorders.


Finally, Calm is an app that was recently rated App of the Year by Apple. The app has numerous tools that help people meditate. More than that, Calm brings breathing programs to the users that face anxiety, music for the ones that need a quick detach or even sleep stories to promote a healthy sleeping schedule and relax the mind at night.


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